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Have a Happier Holiday & Increase your Bottom Line

The Time is Now to Maximize Holiday Income for your Hotel Just last month, AAA reported travel volume for Thanksgiving was the highest since 2005. Nearly 50 million people traveled more than 50 miles for the holiday.   That’s right, even more people are traveling in 2018 than during the height of the last economic [...]

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8 Tried & True Best Practices In Hotel Customer Service

Customer service, especially during the busy season, is crucial to the success of any hotel.  Today there are more ways than ever to attract guests, however it is essential that hoteliers don't lose sight of customer service best practices. We've compiled the following 8 proven practices that are sure to help your staff woo [...]

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Help Improve Guest Security with Cloud-Based PMS Software

We all remember the massive credit card breaches at well-known national retailers over the last few years. These breaches were a public relations, financial, and legal nightmare, resulting in millions of dollars in lost sales and possible long-term brand damage. From a hospitality point of view, simply hoping that your hotel won’t be affected is [...]

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Hotel Guest Profiles: Where Expectations Meet Execution

If you’re out for the evening and run into a friend or acquaintance, you have certain expectations. You expect them to recognize you, remember your name and interact with you based upon information they have gathered about you during previous interactions. You’d probably be disappointed, or even offended, if you had to start from scratch [...]

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Enhancing the Hotel Guest Experience

In the age of information overload, how can hotels best determine what guests value and want? Is it a personalized experience they crave most? Luxurious amenities? The best value? The proper analysis of data holds the key to understanding and delivering on what guests really want from their hotel experience. Below, we here at SkyTouch, [...]

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Mobile Technology and the Guest Experience

Guests interacting with robot staff? Hotel apps that make dinner reservations and control room temperature? Hotel operating systems that drive revenue for the hotel companies? It’s clear that technology is disrupting the way hotels do business and engage with guests. Specifically, the rise of guest-facing mobile technology signals a win-win for hotel companies and guests [...]

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Hotels, OTAs, and the Battle to Win Guests

Are hotels and OTAs friends or foes? While they do rely on each other to compete in the hospitality marketspace, they’ve been waging an epic battle recently to win over guests. With both hotels and OTAs vying to control and evolve the guest experience, time will tell who will come out on top. Why hotels [...]

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How Hotels are Using Data to Achieve ROI

Recent findings from a Forbes Insights and Teradata data-driven marketing study cite that 45% of executives fully leverage data to measure ROI. The challenge for hotel enterprise marketers is to determine how to best use data and analytics to understand, target, and win over guests! What is data-driven marketing in hospitality? It is the process [...]

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Features to Enhance Operations and Guest Experience

More than 6,000 hotels worldwide are now able to operate even more efficiently, thanks to the newly released customer-inspired features. These new features have been added to the Hotel OS platform to help hotel companies worldwide maximize revenue; enhance operational performance and improve guest experience. The new features were seamlessly deployed to our international customer [...]

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Connect Better with Hotel Guests – Enhance the Digital Experience

Our digitally charged climate is dramatically changing guest travel habits and preferences. Studies show that 70 percent of total travelers consider their “digital experience” important, with roughly 85% using their smartphones when traveling. Free WiFi no longer suffices; guests have rising expectations for their digital hospitality experiences and hotels who are able to meet these [...]

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